Patriots win in a blowout.

Super Bowl weekend is upon us. So let’s make some predictions.

  1. Puppy Bowl will be as awesome as ever.
  2. The Super Bowl Ads will underwhelm. I’ve already watched most of them and so far…meh.
  3. Katy Perry’s halftime performance will be interrupted by breaking coverage of Aaron Hernandez’s daring escape from prison and into University of Phoenix Stadium where he will hold Tom Brady hostage until someone answers his questions about deflategate.
  4. Patriots win in a blowout. History has shown that only Eli Manning can stop Tom Brady in a Superbowl.

Happy Super Bowl-ing!

Crash of the Titans

There’s an old saying that goes: “The bigger they are…” – I forget the rest 😉

I was just speaking with a co-worker about how companies like McDonald’s and Samsung – once the vanguard of their industries – have suddenly come crashing down, hit the ground, went through the ground, kept going, and then took a left turn in Albuquerque. Meanwhile across town, Apple sets a world record for most profitable quarter EVER and Shake Shack prepares for a highly anticipated IPO.

McDonalds in particular leaves me scratching my head. Burgers, Fries, and Milkshakes. How do you screw that up? I could venture some theories but it really doesn’t matter.

In the end, I think we’re witnessing the cataclysmic decline of what was once an the icon of American Entrepreneurship, success, and capitalism.

Maybe it’s the millennials? Maybe something that big has to collapse under it’s own weight? Personally, I think they need to  bring back the McDLT.

“Keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool”

Words to live by.

Everyone has a choice

I like to write. Writing relaxes me, it’s cathartic. So it’s puzzling to me why I can never seem to find more time in my day to post a blog. A sentence, a thought, or maybe just an emoji 😄

I suppose it’s human nature to postpone, procrastinate, and to put things off ’til later…then again maybe I’m just a lazy ass.

So let’s try and reboot and find the time to do the things that matter. There’s always time, just like there’s always an excuse. Everyone has a choice.