Thought of the Day: Apple Pay on Mac OS X

You know what sucks…living in a totalitarian war-torn country facing the constant threat of death, starvation, or worse.

But you know what also kinds sucks, having to go fetch my wallet and plug a credit card number into a browser EVERY time I need to make an online purchase.

<sarcasm>My life is so hard</sarcasm>

I just think that we’re long overdue for a Macbook with a fingerprint reader and Apple Pay integration. Aside from the general inconvenience of having to type in a credit card number, shipping address, billing address, etc. it’s safer and more secure.

The whole concept of the credit card is outdated and antiquated. In the last 30 years, the only major advancement in credit card technology was the magnetic strip reader at the POS. I still remember cashiers running my mom’s credit card through the carbon copy “slider” – which by the way are still sold and in production! You can even buy one on amazon


Someday we’ll look back and laugh at how we used to carry around plastic cards with magnetic strips as a form of payment. And someday we’ll shake our heads and wonder how we ever got by without self-driving Uber cars. Until then…happy driving and happy shopping.