The End of Channel Surfing

Google can’t answer the following query for me:

What channel is the Redskins game on tonight?

To be fair, SIRI doesn’t know either…what’s up with that?

It’s 2015 and you’re telling me that there’s not a single piece of indexed content on the web that didn’t have this information? It’s a pretty simple question and for me it makes a strong case for why we’re seeing so many Americans “cut the cord”. 

I don’t actually care what channel the game is on because I don’t know what the channels are. When I was a kid there were only three channels – four, seven, and nine…and sometimes twenty, but only if we could get good reception with the rabbit ears.  Now…well who even knows how many channels I’m paying for.

The way in which we search for TV content should be identical to the way we search for…well…everything else. By time, topic, keyword, category, reviews and ratings and…wait there was one more…LOCATION 🙂

Hey SIRI, put on the Skins game

That should definitely be a thing.  Someday. Until then….

Happy Channel Surfing!