Random Thoughts: The Death of the Nav Menu

Full Disclaimer: I’m an Apple Fanboy

Nonetheless, I keep thinking about Apple’s demo last week and the introduction of 3D touch. Call me crazy, but I think it might be the biggest UI improvement in computing since the introduction of the mouse. No really, I’m serious.

Apple has solved a problem which I don’t think many of us even knew existed. I think the implications are in fact rather profound. For the better part of three decades we’ve become conditioned to navigating by clicking on menus (sub-menu) and buttons to navigate and interact with website and app content. But with 3D touch, it’s a layer of abstraction that now becomes unnecessary. It’s superfluous, it’s clutter.

Soon you’ll interact directly with the content on the screen through taps, swipes, and 3D touch – instead of a series of non-linear interactions with a tabs or menu/sub-menu interface.

The content is the UI. Think about it and let it marinate.