SFDC used Slack to buy Slack

How meta is this? The acquisition of Slack was negotiated on Slack. Salesforce’s CFO Amy Weaver was quoted as saying “Our law firms were in Slack channels, our investment bankers, we did all of our diligence within Slack. So we literally bought Slack on Slack.…Most of the people involved, certainly the law firms, had not used Slack before,”

I love this. I wonder how many Slackmojis were used during redlines? 🙃 Slackmojis are a more efficient form of communication. Knock on wood if you’re with me.

Dear Google, please add the following feature…

As far as I can tell neither MSFT PowerPoint nor Google Slides has an option for multiple (online) presenters. How is that not already a feature? It’s 2021 and (remote) presenters have to say “next slide please” during a presentation followed by the inevitable “too far, please go back one slide.” Personally, I like to make the “beep” noise…you know, from the 80s filmstrips with accompanying cassette soundtrack with beeps to cue the next slide? It was such a treat when the teacher chose you to run the filmstrip. Knock on wood if you’re with me. Back to my original point, “remote presenter mode”! I’ll type up the JIRA Epic if you need me to, just tell me who to email at Google 😂