Random Thoughts about Android

Once upon a time I was a mobile app developer with a small mobile app development company, and for the most part we did pretty well for ourselves…and we only developed for iOS.¬†Ok, that’s not entirely true, we did hire an Android developer but then he moved to L.A.

People called me names, called me crazy, called me stupid, and would protest: “Why would you not support Android!?!”

And I would reply: “Dude, Fragmentation” and then an endless series of debates would ensue about the veracity of my claims.

The last time I had this debate was 2014 and Lollipop was the flavor du jour. So has Android fixed “fragmentation”?

According to their own estimates almost 75% of the Android user base is still running a version of Android older than Lollipop and almost a third of Android users are still on Jelly Bean – which released in June 2012.


Let’s just all agree, no one uses a Blackberry anymore.

Happy App Developing!

iOS7 vs KitKat Adoption

Full Disclaimer: Still an Apple Fanboy

That said as a developer of mobile and tablet apps, I live in both worlds so the adoption rate of new operating systems is of key interest for me.

According to mixpanel, as of this morning ~80% of iOS users are now running iOS7 (chart).

In comparison only 1% of android users are running KitKat. To be fair iOS7 was released more than a month before KitKat but the numbers are nonetheless staggering.

Happy Coding!

“I don’t like documenting my code. If it was hard to write it should be hard to read”
– Anonymous