Random Thoughts About Doing Nothing

I was just thinking about an evening in college (back in the 20th century) when I was standing at the bus stop (aka Drunk Bus) after a long night of drinking at a party. Without any warning, a black car pulled up in front of me and from the rear door, my friend Ricky jumped out. 

I hadn’t seen Ricky in years, but before I could even say his name to greet him, Ricky put his arm around me and said:

Lenny the best moments of your life won’t be spent drinking at a party. Parties are a lot of fun, but the best moments of your life will be spent just sitting around a table shootin the shit with your friends – doing absolutely nothing.

Ricky patted me on the back, got back in the car, and before I knew it he was gone. That was the last time I ever saw him again. 

I guess the moral of the story is that there are people you work with, people you eat with, people you drink with, people you “Facebook” with, and then there are people you spend time with…doing absolutely nothing. 

Here’s to Ricky *cheers*

On-Demand ride sharing from GM?

GM announced today that it has closed a new round of funding that includes $500 from GM. Meanwhile Ford is rumored to be partnering with Google’s autonomous vehicle program. And in other news McDonald’s has unveiled a new restaurant concept that’s identical to Shake Shack.

On-Demand ride sharing from Ford & GM. Custom-Order food from McDonald’s…it’s like living in the future.

Could Ford be the next Uber?

Ford is piloting an “Uber” concept called Dynamic Shuttle Service which will provide on-demand ride sharing to its employees.

If on-demand ride sharing becomes truly ubiquitous, well…most Americans won’t need a car , which I imagine will make Ford very sad unless…they become the ride-sharing platform of the future. 

When you think about it, Ford could (in theory) step in and provide the “hardware” and inftrastucture needed so that Americans won’t need to own a car. So perhaps in a few years instead of grabbing an Uber you’ll grab a “Ford” which will bring a self-driving car/van right to you and take you anywhere you need to go.

I wonder what we’re gonna do with all the parking lots in the future?

Things that make you say “hmmmm”

Happy Motoring!

Random Thoughts about Android

Once upon a time I was a mobile app developer with a small mobile app development company, and for the most part we did pretty well for ourselves…and we only developed for iOS. Ok, that’s not entirely true, we did hire an Android developer but then he moved to L.A.

People called me names, called me crazy, called me stupid, and would protest: “Why would you not support Android!?!”

And I would reply: “Dude, Fragmentation” and then an endless series of debates would ensue about the veracity of my claims.

The last time I had this debate was 2014 and Lollipop was the flavor du jour. So has Android fixed “fragmentation”?

According to their own estimates almost 75% of the Android user base is still running a version of Android older than Lollipop and almost a third of Android users are still on Jelly Bean – which released in June 2012.


Let’s just all agree, no one uses a Blackberry anymore.

Happy App Developing!

Random Thoughts: The Death of the Nav Menu

Full Disclaimer: I’m an Apple Fanboy

Nonetheless, I keep thinking about Apple’s demo last week and the introduction of 3D touch. Call me crazy, but I think it might be the biggest UI improvement in computing since the introduction of the mouse. No really, I’m serious.

Apple has solved a problem which I don’t think many of us even knew existed. I think the implications are in fact rather profound. For the better part of three decades we’ve become conditioned to navigating by clicking on menus (sub-menu) and buttons to navigate and interact with website and app content. But with 3D touch, it’s a layer of abstraction that now becomes unnecessary. It’s superfluous, it’s clutter.

Soon you’ll interact directly with the content on the screen through taps, swipes, and 3D touch – instead of a series of non-linear interactions with a tabs or menu/sub-menu interface.

The content is the UI. Think about it and let it marinate.

The End of Channel Surfing

Google can’t answer the following query for me:

What channel is the Redskins game on tonight?

To be fair, SIRI doesn’t know either…what’s up with that?

It’s 2015 and you’re telling me that there’s not a single piece of indexed content on the web that didn’t have this information? It’s a pretty simple question and for me it makes a strong case for why we’re seeing so many Americans “cut the cord”. 

I don’t actually care what channel the game is on because I don’t know what the channels are. When I was a kid there were only three channels – four, seven, and nine…and sometimes twenty, but only if we could get good reception with the rabbit ears.  Now…well who even knows how many channels I’m paying for.

The way in which we search for TV content should be identical to the way we search for…well…everything else. By time, topic, keyword, category, reviews and ratings and…wait there was one more…LOCATION 🙂

Hey SIRI, put on the Skins game

That should definitely be a thing.  Someday. Until then….

Happy Channel Surfing!

Thought of the day: The end of great debating

The CEO’s of Sprint and T-Mobile have been sniping at each other on twitter for the better part of the last month. Here’s the latest shot over the bow.

I find it all a little bit unsavory. Everyone’s a hero behind a keyboard, but few people have the fortitude to call-out challengers face-to-face. Back in my day people settled things the old fashioned way…on-air on CNBC 🙂


Life was beautiful, and the sun shone every day.

Happy Debating!

Thought of the Day: Apple Pay on Mac OS X

You know what sucks…living in a totalitarian war-torn country facing the constant threat of death, starvation, or worse.

But you know what also kinds sucks, having to go fetch my wallet and plug a credit card number into a browser EVERY time I need to make an online purchase.

<sarcasm>My life is so hard</sarcasm>

I just think that we’re long overdue for a Macbook with a fingerprint reader and Apple Pay integration. Aside from the general inconvenience of having to type in a credit card number, shipping address, billing address, etc. it’s safer and more secure.

The whole concept of the credit card is outdated and antiquated. In the last 30 years, the only major advancement in credit card technology was the magnetic strip reader at the POS. I still remember cashiers running my mom’s credit card through the carbon copy “slider” – which by the way are still sold and in production! You can even buy one on amazon


Someday we’ll look back and laugh at how we used to carry around plastic cards with magnetic strips as a form of payment. And someday we’ll shake our heads and wonder how we ever got by without self-driving Uber cars. Until then…happy driving and happy shopping.

Zombies never get sick.

I don’t get sick very often. Once, maybe twice a year. It’s been 14 months since the last time I was sick. I remember, because I had a date and I had already rescheduled on her twice. I don’t believe in getting sick. It seems completely unnecessary and inappropriate once you’ve reached adulthood. My immune system should be aces by now. It’s had 38 years of practice plus 2.5 million years of human evolution. Nonetheless, a simple cold-virus causes a respiratory tract infection which then knocks me on my ass for 72 hours.

I’m still not running at 100%. Mostly it’s just the cough. I feel fine, but it’s one of those wretched chest heaving coughs that makes people stare at you like you’ve just been bitten by a zombie…or that you might be from Maryland. Call it a known manufacturing defect. I sneeze really loud and my coughs sound like I might only have five hours to live.

The worst part is knowing there’s nothing I can do to speed up the healing process. My mom always asks me, have you taken any cough medicine? Which one? I tell her yes, I’ve taken all of them, but Dextromethorphan (that’s the DM you see on the bottles), doesn’t really do much except helps to suppress the cough so you can sleep at night. Sometimes I think the only reason for taking cough medicine is so that people around you feel better. After all, no one wants to hear you cough.

Soup, tea, and sleep. Oh and I sometimes think Vitamins might help, but I really have scientific evidence to back that up. So here I sit at the blurry edge of sickness and health. Not quite sick but not quite healthy. Life sure would be simpler if I was a zombie. Zombies don’t get sick,  or fear rejection, or worry about climate change. They just want to eat brains.

I watch too many zombie movies.