Random Thoughts About Doing Nothing

I was just thinking about an evening in college (back in the 20th century) when I was standing at the bus stop (aka Drunk Bus) after a long night of drinking at a party. Without any warning, a black car pulled up in front of me and from the rear door, my friend Ricky jumped out. 

I hadn’t seen Ricky in years, but before I could even say his name to greet him, Ricky put his arm around me and said:

Lenny the best moments of your life won’t be spent drinking at a party. Parties are a lot of fun, but the best moments of your life will be spent just sitting around a table shootin the shit with your friends – doing absolutely nothing.

Ricky patted me on the back, got back in the car, and before I knew it he was gone. That was the last time I ever saw him again. 

I guess the moral of the story is that there are people you work with, people you eat with, people you drink with, people you “Facebook” with, and then there are people you spend time with…doing absolutely nothing. 

Here’s to Ricky *cheers*