Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Yext is a proud sponsor of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. We are excited to provide sponsorships for students to experience the world’s largest conference for women in technology. The Yext sponsorship is designed to identify and support extraordinary rising college juniors (Class of 2019), seniors (Class of 2018), and graduate students who are preparing for a career in the Technology sector.

Future Software Engineers, Product Managers, Project Managers and UX/Visual Web Designers are encouraged to apply!

Re-learning my first language

I can’t imagine most people know this about me, but technically speaking, English was my second language. My mom had a zero English policy in the house until I was about 8 or 9 years old. I learned by ABC’s along with my A Ă Â both at the same time. Yeah, the first three letters of the Vietnamese alphabet are three versions of the letter A. Honestly, I think it’s rediculous. I can vaguely recall a time where I was fluent in Vietnamese – reading and writing. These days, I can barely pick out my favorite dishes on a Vietnamese menu. I figure everything is still in my brain somewhere…somewhere in deep cold storage. But finding the words from my first tongue are proving to be more difficult than finding a missing sock out of the dryer.

Random Thoughts on Technology

The Network is the Computer – John Gage 1984

Thirty (plus) years after the PC Revolution and twenty (plus) years after the Internet Revolution, most companies are still using computing, networks, and software simply, as a more efficient means of data entry, word processing, and accounting.

It’s remarkable (to me anyways) how slow companies have been to adopt “technology”. I see the same story in virtually every industry. But for a few exceptions most companies view technology as a “bolt-on” or “extension” to their core business. The reality is that “technology” has become the core of their business for one simple reason – The first interaction between any consumer and any brand almost always begins with a search on Google.

“Google is your homepage” – Me 2016