What’s the opposite of self-discipline? Other-discipline? Else-discipline? That’s what I’ll call it, else-discipline. I really suck at self-discipline. But I really excel at else-discipline.

This evening I ate a bowl of pasta for dinner. Actually, it could be better described as three bowls of pasta which just happened to be served in a single large bowl. I don’t just eat dinner, I over eat dinner. I don’t just drink bourbon, I consume it.

I don’t have good eating, drinking, or exercise habits UNLESS I have a marathon or ‘half’ on my calendar. But the moment after I’ve entered my credit card, t-shirt size, emergency contact, and hit the ‘Submit’ button for the race – then it’s game time.

Spin up the FTL drive

I’m sure there’s a psychological, biological, neurological, and perhaps even zoological explanation for this phenomenon. I think I’ll call it else-discipline. I need a goal to work towards. Something to commit to. A fear of failure.

So tonight, I’ll eat one more Kit Kat bar and drink one more bourbon.

Tomorrow – One more breath. One more mile. One more race.